Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flower Flowers Flowers

As you all know I have been unemployed for almost a month, which means I have had alot of tv time. I keep coming face to screen with the overstock commercial for valentine's day, and they have those awesome hot pink gerber daisys which puts me in the mood for spring, I want flowers no more snow!!

I love flowers, I would accept them for any occasion!
One of my favorite quotes is "The Earth Laughs in Flowers" Ralph Waldo Emerson, which makes me want to garden! Here are some flower arrangements and gardens that such a seasonal tease.

This is just a little slice of the gardens at the Versailles Palace, which are absolutely breath taking. I wandered around those gardens last summer constantly catching my jaw, from the flowers to the fountains, and the sculpted hedges...It is amazing!

Martha Stewart is one of my heros, not in the financial world but because of her green thumb. Now this is not the typical garden she mixes veggies and her flowers. This is so green and so welcoming, I would have garden parties all the time if this was mine!

Some flowers don't have to be on the ground or in a pot. This little cottage in Sconset is so beautiful on its own but with the roses creeping up the lattice and the hydrangeas framing the door it is something out a dream.

Have a great rest of the weekend, and there looks like there is a job on the horizon!
Wish me luck, I'll be back here monday!!


  1. that sconset cottage has me pining for ack summer so bad. hopefully i'll be able to spend more time there this summer! also i've never been to versailles when it's not pouring — let's go together this spring?!