Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It has finally stopped snowing! Yay!!! Ok I don't hate snow but I am not a fan of the freezing winds that we had yesterday. But now with the "warmer weather" I am dreaming of summer on Nantucket with my family and having an amazing party with the perfect table setting!

Maybe something with organic colors and little bits of nature (granted we are not going to find cherry blossoms just lying on the ground, but we could make it work)!

I love these candles!

I love how colorful this is!

I think this would be perfect for the summer, I want those pom poms!!!

Today's item of Lust: So I was flipping through the February Elle with Jenny from the block on the cover and I stumbled upon this amazing ring!

How beautiful is this! I bow down Cartier.

I am really getting into gold jewelry, are you??

Where do you get your jewelry? Any good spots we should all know about?

I am going to go a drool over this image all day but I'll be back here tomorrow!!

See you then.


  1. I think that the thing I love most about the different table settings would be the shapes of the plates, napkins, and candles -- these different features really make the place settings not just pretty but interesting to look at!

    I hope interesting shapes will be seen more and more as we enter spring!! I love them -- great pictures by the way!

  2. I am in love with that first table setting!!! It's gorgeous! Gosh I wish I can say I've been to Nantucket, but I've never been! It should be on my to- go list within the next 3 years.

    And as for the Cartier ring, I can also tell you I love it!! Im always on the hunt for these more unconventional styles. Too many classic designs out there. It's nice for a change to see a ring made by Cartier in this style and design! I'm a big fan of jewelry (even if i dont have a lot hhaha). For serious jewels, check out Then get back to me and tell me if they're really worth staring at :D xx