Friday, January 22, 2010

Alittle Corky!

I have diagnosed my mother as a hoarder. Yesterday...all day, we worked on cleaning off her bulletin boards. This was a daunting task but had to be done because you could not walk past without knocking something off. Underneath all the rubble we found
some cool quotes/inspiring stories:

So we did find some great things and cleaned up ALOT of clutter, but in all the mess I found myself day dreaming of a new bulletin board, here are some that I liked:

painted in my favorite color!
and how much do you love this chair!

These are squares of carpet, a great solution that you can switch around easily.

This is made of magazines that are super packed together, you can use push pins on it just like a normal bulletin board! Also there is room in between the pages to slide things in! Very green solution, you can go to this board is only 20$

They have a covered cork, as the entire back of the home office!

Does anyone have any other bulletin board ideas that could help to reduce clutter and be able to see all of this little treasures? Let me know!!!

See you back here tomorrow!


  1. I love the brown and white framed board!! Beautiful and functional!!