Monday, January 25, 2010

Case of the Mondays!

I don't really understand why people say they have "a case of the mondays" but I am using it today. It rained sideways today, all day. Of course I had errands to run: 1. fix my ipod: I was at the apple store for an hour and a half and they told me it was broken and they could not help me...perfect. 2. GameStop: I told my brother I would sell all of his video games at GameStop, the girl behind the counter clearly hated her job, and when I asked her if I could sell these games she gave me a look like I had just asked her for her first born child. Finally I reached the post office to mail flip flops I sold on Ebay. Everyone at the post office was helpful the problem occurs on the steps out front. Let me paint you this picture...I am finished at the post office feeling great that I got everything done so I am some what scuffing my feet down the wet marble steps behind a literally 500 year old man, and all of a sudden I loose my footing and eat it. I manage to grab the railing which made me land on my right hip, ouch. I mumble a few choice words as I pull myself together and stand up. At this point my entire town has seen me (in my neon yellow north face rain coat) fall, now 15 people rush to my side, I let the crowd know that I am fine and limp off to my car, mortified.

Beware of wet marble steps.

So now I am going to watch Big Love that came on my netflix today and go to bed because my entire body hurts. But I will be back here tomorrow with some more uplifting topics!!


  1. hahahaha em that looks awful! love the bit about the first born child and a few choice words, i can hear you saying all of this as i read it

  2. Ouch! I hope that you feel better today! For some reason yesterday was really hard, but now that it's over, the week seems a little easier somehow. Thanks btw for stopping by my blog!

    xo Mary Jo