Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The job hunt continues!

It is time to let you all in on my current crisis...I don't have a job. For the last month I have applied at every job you can think of: almost every job in the mall, substitute teacher, gas station attendant, Chipotle burrito roller, nursing home dinning room staff, david's bridal, LA fitness, every grocery store in a 15 mile radius. The problem is that I leave the second week of March to go to London, which is only 6 weeks so no one will hire me for such a short time. Have any of you had a short term job? If so where!!?? Today I applied at some more places, including a call center. I would really appreciate any pearls of wisdom on this subject!!!
I am trying to be optimistic and I will resume the job hunt tomorrow! Until then here is some random eye candy!

Shoe Crush: J.Crew Patent Tortoise Flats

Hope you enjoyed this small buffet of amazing-ness!!
See you tomorrow!


  1. Best of luck on your job hunt. What about a temp agency? I've never worked at one but it seems that they wouldn't need someone for a long term contract.

  2. I love that picture with the wood stacked in the fireplace! Beautiful!!

  3. I love those first two white rooms. Beautiful pics. Good luck with your job search :)