Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A bright partnership!

As I sit in my room watching 16 candles stuffing my face with my sister's homemade banana bread, and I watch the rain/snow/hail/misery fall from the sky and I look around and wish I had some new cozy bedding to make the weather alittle less depressing. I work at a Lilly Pulitzer store and I am proud to announce that Lilly has joined forces with Garnet Hill and has started making bedding again!! Take a look!

You likie the pink?

But I likie the blue!

I don't know if I am bold enough to put all these prints together but I love the blue coral print sheets and the aqua citrus comforter, don't you just wanna curl up in there!

That's right, they don't just have bedding they have bath stuff too. I would use these in my room too, I love the colors and the prints.

I have worked for this company for the past 5 summers I know that shit can get alittle crazy. I love Lilly in moderation but some people do not know when to say no! Here are some examples:

This is not that crazy but I can see that they have the fabric on the closet doors and on the curtains, and Lilly does not sell that fabric so this person has really hunted for this!

No words.

So remember everyone, Lilly in moderation...Please!

Come back here tomorrow for my favorite table settings!!!

Holler Back.

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  1. Haha the bathroom picture.. out of control!

    I L.O.V.E love those bath mats! (mainly the pink and white!)