Thursday, January 28, 2010

New vs. Old

Last night I was watching Greater Boston with my dad and we were listening to these people talk about this new robot that the Harvard Book Store has, it's called Paige M. Gutenborg, affectionally just Paige. This robot can print a book in 4 minutes, all the book store worker has to do is search the book online, find it, plug it into Paige's computer and she will print it while you look around the store!!!! The book comes out looking just like another book off the shelf, completely bound and with a shiny cover! The debate was is this better than a Nook or a Kindle? Do people like the tangible book in their hands, or is the technology too cool to pass up? Personally I like the library, I just like the way the books smell and secretly I like dealing with the crabby women that work there! I currently have two poetry books checked out (they are my favorite to read) and I just like the idea of reusing, you can enjoy the book and not kill another tree! Below there is some pictures of home library's that are drool worthy, a glimpse of Paige, and of course an item of lust of mine! Enjoy!

Do you like library books, or are you a Nook person? Is new always better?

Karl Lagerfield's library.

Item of Lust:
This book was inspired by the Sex and the City scene when Carrie is reading love letter to Big, it actually didn't exist at the time of the movie but since alot of people (including me) wanted it, Ursula Doyle collected love letter and added alittle history for each! I want this book so bad, but the library only has one copy and there are 2 holds on it already...

Until tomorrow! Have a great Thursday!


  1. I LOVE the first spiral stair case picture! Wish I could have something that exciting but I guess a bed side table will just have to do!

  2. I adore book. I love opening a brand new book, but usually I do library books. Borrowing saves me from poverty and being buried alive under a stash of books I have nowhere to store!