Monday, January 18, 2010

A night in Review

The rain was no damper for the stars and especially was not a problem for the winners! But the star of the red carpet was our sprightly little Billy Bush, who was leaping,dodging, ducking and showing us his active side dodging puddles and umbrellas. This weather although very exciting to see Billy move this way, it really hurt his interview skills, he cut in, interrupted, and ducked away from people too soon...very awkward. Better luck next year Bush!

Even the amazing Tina Fey didn't know what to do, here she is looking to the camera for help.

So lets talk about fashion!!!!


Jennifer Aniston is flawless in her Valentino couture dress, and her Versace shoes. Flirty, and adorable with Gerard Butler when presenting...does anyone know if they are officially dating or is that just my wishful thinking?

Amazing, just enough leg to get attention...but not get raped!

Kate Hudson looked amazing, flying solo (no one needs A-Rod) and had the best silhouette by far in her Marchesa strapless silk gown, and her amazing Casade's signature 3504 triple platform pumps, that I am sure are great for puddle jumping!

Chloe Sevigny rocked the ruffles, in her rose colored Valentino dress. I was so happy that she won for Big Love which is a new obsession of mine (watch it!). I cannot believe that the stage person ripped her dress, it wasn't the fall I was hoping for but still pretty good!

January Jones was a mad women in her black Lanvin gown and looked awesome, I loved that she has a head band! She also carried herself really well when dealing with the crazy hobbit Bill Bush on the red carpet!

Julia Roberts....I saved the best for last! She went casual this year which is exactly what I would have done, just keeping it simple! With all the puddles to jump she picked a phenomenal, short, black, vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress and her a.m.a.z.i.n.g Van Cleef & Arpels necklace!!!!!! This has to be my favorite outfit!!!


Drew Barrymore she looked really nice, the reason she is only in honorable mention category is because I didn't like her hip chinchilla I liked it on her shoulder but not the hip! But she is adorable, does anyone know if she and Justin Long are dating? Ok, I am really creepy and I made sure to really pay attention when she won and she mouthed "I love you" to him!! Granted I have done that to my mother but still I like them together so I will read into any situation I want to!

Emily Blunt the luckiest women in the world because she is engaged to John Krasinski! I liked her dress but I didn't love it she looks really nice in the jewel tones which I wish she would have worn but this pale number is not my favorite but her arm candy makes up for it!

OH HELL NO!!!!!!!
(the worst of the worst)

Cher #1 Who invited her #2 Who dressed her #3 WHYYY! She looks absolutely crazy and her botox has since paralyzed her entire face, and she could barely talk when presenting with X-tina who by the way looked awesome, but nothing could save this Morticia Adams inspired look.

Mariah Carey you cradle robber, put those fun bags away! She seems to think that she is a dainty "Kate hudson A-cup" and can simple tack herself down...WRONG! She looks like a packed sausage that is exploding out the top. My brother pointed out that she physically overwhelms her barely full grown husband. This whole situation is terrifying.

Christina Hendricks is a Mad Women that needs to be arrested, NOW! I do not like this ensemble at all, she is a very pasty women, and this dress is rivaling the color of her skin and that makes me very uncomfortable. Someone also should have told her that she needs to have a little more fabric to wrestle those girls back into her dress. I love ruffles but not in this color and not on this mad women. Better luck next year Hendricks!

After all the stars made their way into the auditorium, it was time to start the show. I loved Ricky Gervais he did a great job and keep that night rolling. All of the speeches were so cute, they all thanked their families which I think is the most important and sometimes takes a back seat to agents, directors, and cast.

Some notable moments...
#1. Monique's Speech: OMG she spoke so eloquently and moved me to tears. She talked about her husband that she has been with since she was 14! Ohhh it was amazing and she really set the bar high for all the other winners.
#2. Michael C. Hall winning best actor in a drama series (Dexter, amazing show start watching it and you'll fall in love with a serial killer too). He was adorable, wearing a hat to disguise his fight with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He is awesome and he said Hi to his mom!
#3. Chloe's dress getting ripped, was awesome. It was awful to see this beautiful dress get ripped but her reaction was awesome. She yelped, that's right she yelped and she could barely compose herself to make her speech. But I love her anyway!
#4. Robert Downey Jr's speech: I loved that he called his wife out, He said," I'd like to thank Susan Downey for telling me Matt Damon was going to win, do no to bother writing a speech" It was awesome.

Overall that night was great, from the fashion, to Ricky Gervais all around awesome!!

Now that I have had my fill of fashion I will show you some awesome bedding tomorrow that I NEED!!!! See you back here tomorrow!!


  1. I'm pretty sure Drew and Justin are back together.

  2. Great recap! I have to agree with you on many counts!

    Thanks for the sweet words today!

  3. Chloe Sevigny's was my favorite -- although I know that you do not trust my fashion sense I'm glad to see that we agree on that one!