Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flower Flowers Flowers

As you all know I have been unemployed for almost a month, which means I have had alot of tv time. I keep coming face to screen with the overstock commercial for valentine's day, and they have those awesome hot pink gerber daisys which puts me in the mood for spring, I want flowers no more snow!!

I love flowers, I would accept them for any occasion!
One of my favorite quotes is "The Earth Laughs in Flowers" Ralph Waldo Emerson, which makes me want to garden! Here are some flower arrangements and gardens that such a seasonal tease.

This is just a little slice of the gardens at the Versailles Palace, which are absolutely breath taking. I wandered around those gardens last summer constantly catching my jaw, from the flowers to the fountains, and the sculpted hedges...It is amazing!

Martha Stewart is one of my heros, not in the financial world but because of her green thumb. Now this is not the typical garden she mixes veggies and her flowers. This is so green and so welcoming, I would have garden parties all the time if this was mine!

Some flowers don't have to be on the ground or in a pot. This little cottage in Sconset is so beautiful on its own but with the roses creeping up the lattice and the hydrangeas framing the door it is something out a dream.

Have a great rest of the weekend, and there looks like there is a job on the horizon!
Wish me luck, I'll be back here monday!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New vs. Old

Last night I was watching Greater Boston with my dad and we were listening to these people talk about this new robot that the Harvard Book Store has, it's called Paige M. Gutenborg, affectionally just Paige. This robot can print a book in 4 minutes, all the book store worker has to do is search the book online, find it, plug it into Paige's computer and she will print it while you look around the store!!!! The book comes out looking just like another book off the shelf, completely bound and with a shiny cover! The debate was is this better than a Nook or a Kindle? Do people like the tangible book in their hands, or is the technology too cool to pass up? Personally I like the library, I just like the way the books smell and secretly I like dealing with the crabby women that work there! I currently have two poetry books checked out (they are my favorite to read) and I just like the idea of reusing, you can enjoy the book and not kill another tree! Below there is some pictures of home library's that are drool worthy, a glimpse of Paige, and of course an item of lust of mine! Enjoy!

Do you like library books, or are you a Nook person? Is new always better?

Karl Lagerfield's library.

Item of Lust:
This book was inspired by the Sex and the City scene when Carrie is reading love letter to Big, it actually didn't exist at the time of the movie but since alot of people (including me) wanted it, Ursula Doyle collected love letter and added alittle history for each! I want this book so bad, but the library only has one copy and there are 2 holds on it already...

Until tomorrow! Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The job hunt continues!

It is time to let you all in on my current crisis...I don't have a job. For the last month I have applied at every job you can think of: almost every job in the mall, substitute teacher, gas station attendant, Chipotle burrito roller, nursing home dinning room staff, david's bridal, LA fitness, every grocery store in a 15 mile radius. The problem is that I leave the second week of March to go to London, which is only 6 weeks so no one will hire me for such a short time. Have any of you had a short term job? If so where!!?? Today I applied at some more places, including a call center. I would really appreciate any pearls of wisdom on this subject!!!
I am trying to be optimistic and I will resume the job hunt tomorrow! Until then here is some random eye candy!

Shoe Crush: J.Crew Patent Tortoise Flats

Hope you enjoyed this small buffet of amazing-ness!!
See you tomorrow!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Case of the Mondays!

I don't really understand why people say they have "a case of the mondays" but I am using it today. It rained sideways today, all day. Of course I had errands to run: 1. fix my ipod: I was at the apple store for an hour and a half and they told me it was broken and they could not help me...perfect. 2. GameStop: I told my brother I would sell all of his video games at GameStop, the girl behind the counter clearly hated her job, and when I asked her if I could sell these games she gave me a look like I had just asked her for her first born child. Finally I reached the post office to mail flip flops I sold on Ebay. Everyone at the post office was helpful the problem occurs on the steps out front. Let me paint you this picture...I am finished at the post office feeling great that I got everything done so I am some what scuffing my feet down the wet marble steps behind a literally 500 year old man, and all of a sudden I loose my footing and eat it. I manage to grab the railing which made me land on my right hip, ouch. I mumble a few choice words as I pull myself together and stand up. At this point my entire town has seen me (in my neon yellow north face rain coat) fall, now 15 people rush to my side, I let the crowd know that I am fine and limp off to my car, mortified.

Beware of wet marble steps.

So now I am going to watch Big Love that came on my netflix today and go to bed because my entire body hurts. But I will be back here tomorrow with some more uplifting topics!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Finds: Urban Outfitters

On a lazy saturday, I find myself perusing the Urban Outfitters website and have become obsessed with their home good section. My best friend and roommate from school works at Urban and has introduced me to the brand and I have not been disappointed yet. Here are some things I loved:

I love the peacock coloring/theme in this rug.

If you like this wallpaper la maison boheme blog has some
other amazing ones that you may like as well.

This is all wood and just snaps together!

If you like alot of color!

Just for fun-sies!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Alittle Corky!

I have diagnosed my mother as a hoarder. Yesterday...all day, we worked on cleaning off her bulletin boards. This was a daunting task but had to be done because you could not walk past without knocking something off. Underneath all the rubble we found
some cool quotes/inspiring stories:

So we did find some great things and cleaned up ALOT of clutter, but in all the mess I found myself day dreaming of a new bulletin board, here are some that I liked:

painted in my favorite color!
and how much do you love this chair!

These are squares of carpet, a great solution that you can switch around easily.

This is made of magazines that are super packed together, you can use push pins on it just like a normal bulletin board! Also there is room in between the pages to slide things in! Very green solution, you can go to this board is only 20$

They have a covered cork, as the entire back of the home office!

Does anyone have any other bulletin board ideas that could help to reduce clutter and be able to see all of this little treasures? Let me know!!!

See you back here tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It has finally stopped snowing! Yay!!! Ok I don't hate snow but I am not a fan of the freezing winds that we had yesterday. But now with the "warmer weather" I am dreaming of summer on Nantucket with my family and having an amazing party with the perfect table setting!

Maybe something with organic colors and little bits of nature (granted we are not going to find cherry blossoms just lying on the ground, but we could make it work)!

I love these candles!

I love how colorful this is!

I think this would be perfect for the summer, I want those pom poms!!!

Today's item of Lust: So I was flipping through the February Elle with Jenny from the block on the cover and I stumbled upon this amazing ring!

How beautiful is this! I bow down Cartier.

I am really getting into gold jewelry, are you??

Where do you get your jewelry? Any good spots we should all know about?

I am going to go a drool over this image all day but I'll be back here tomorrow!!

See you then.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A bright partnership!

As I sit in my room watching 16 candles stuffing my face with my sister's homemade banana bread, and I watch the rain/snow/hail/misery fall from the sky and I look around and wish I had some new cozy bedding to make the weather alittle less depressing. I work at a Lilly Pulitzer store and I am proud to announce that Lilly has joined forces with Garnet Hill and has started making bedding again!! Take a look!

You likie the pink?

But I likie the blue!

I don't know if I am bold enough to put all these prints together but I love the blue coral print sheets and the aqua citrus comforter, don't you just wanna curl up in there!

That's right, they don't just have bedding they have bath stuff too. I would use these in my room too, I love the colors and the prints.

I have worked for this company for the past 5 summers I know that shit can get alittle crazy. I love Lilly in moderation but some people do not know when to say no! Here are some examples:

This is not that crazy but I can see that they have the fabric on the closet doors and on the curtains, and Lilly does not sell that fabric so this person has really hunted for this!

No words.

So remember everyone, Lilly in moderation...Please!

Come back here tomorrow for my favorite table settings!!!

Holler Back.