Tuesday, March 30, 2010

London Update!

It has been a crazy week already here: I have walked my legs off, gone 3 days without any hot water in my apartment (me and cold showers do not get along), my best friend loosing her credit card, and spending lots of cash on trips. All in all I am having an amazing time, I might not leave (just kidding Tom). Since the last time I posted, I have no booked 98% of my big trips, and two shows!! Yay, for me. Boo, for my wallet!!

Here is what's going on in April:

1. Off to Isle of Wight, it is a small island of the southern coast of England. Becca and I are staying at a local B&B that has a friendly bulldog and we have an ocean view from our room!! get ready for pictures!!

2. At the end of April, I am going with friends to see Ricky Gervais's comedy show!!! AHHH, I don't know if I told you but I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with him!!!

3. Literally the last day of the month I am going to see the Royal Ballet preform Cinderella, this is a trip through school and I could not be more excited. My 15 years of dance has made me such a sap for ballet!!

Here is how May is looking:

4. The first weekend I am going to Germany to meet my mom's best friend from college, she is graciously letting me bring two friends! She lives outside of Frankfurt and I am so excited!!

5. The second weekend I am going to Wales, this is my adventure weekend. Becca and I are going to be squeezed (picture threading a needle with a sausage) into a wet suit, and we get a helmet and a pair of water shoes. Then we are taking part in "Coasteering" which is getting from point A to point B on a coastline. This means throwing myself off cliffs/rocks, swimming in underwater caves, and scaling rocks, Oh and most important trying not to drown/die. I am actually secretly excited for this, I told Becca I would be very Catwomen on the loose in my wet suit. The second activity that i am doing is learning to surf, I am excited but also very nervous I am terrified of sharks and am convinced that I will get attacked! Does that happen near England??

Picture this!

6. The third weekend I am going to Paris, I have been there but can you really get enough of that city? I am planning on stuffing my face with amazing food, going to Versailles with my cousin Mackenzie (Design Darling Blog, check it out now!!!) and eat alot of cheese, bread and fruit. I love Paris and I cannot wait to get back!!

The month of May is shaping up to be a crazy busy time, and after our semester is over Becca and her family are taking me to Scotland with them to celebrate their Scottish heritage!!

Please tell me where you have traveled and where I should go, if I can afford it!!! Hope your week is going well!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sense of Urgency

Good Morning Everyone!! I realize that it is only 6am for you but I am four hours ahead which gives me a jump start on my blogging. Today is a very important day for Becca and I we are going to the Student Travel Agency here in London to book all of our weekend trips! I am so so excited, but also nervous that we have waited to long and the prices are going to be ridiculous. But either way the trips we want to go on are:

1. We have to choose one of these four:
Athens, Greece

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy

Which should we choose, right now we can only see one because of our finances but have you been to any place that you would suggest??

2. Germany:My mom's college friend is letting us come visit and I could not be more excited!! Germany here we come!
3. Paris France/Versailles/Maybe Cannes??: Becca and I really want to go back to the eiffel tower and gardens of Versaille and then if we have any money left we can go to Cannes in the south of france!

Paris, France

Cannes, France

4. Adventure trip to Wales with school: This trip Becca and I signed up for and it is crazy, we are going to Wales with most of our school and we partake in hiking, cliff jumping (me in a watersuit with a helmet), ocean kayaking, surfing, and biking!! It is going to be so much fun!!

5. Scotland: This is a trip that I was generously invited on with Becca and her family after our semester is over!! I cannot wait

Scotland, UK

Tell me about your travels, any places I should be sure to go??? Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

London meets France

Yesterday was the best day that I have had here so far!! My cousin Mackenzie of Design Darling and her brother and boyfriend came to London to visit! They had just come back from switzerland and had been awake since 4:30am but they rallied and we went out to dinner. It was so nice to see family!! Come back soon!! Mackenzie and I are planning a day trip to Versailles to picnic in the gardens, stay tuned for that post!


Counting down the days, to beautiful Versailles!!

So far in London, I have walked probably the circumference of the globe. Everyone here walks so so so fast, I am usually doing an awkward run walk to keep up with tour guides/professors...not cute. I had my first day of classes and I love every class! I am taking Cross Cultural Relations which is fascinating and then Psychology of Advertising and the Mass Media both are taught by the same professor and she is amazing and sassy. She wore a Chanel suit the first day, diva.

But today was my second day of classes and by far the most tiring, not mentally but physically. The class is the History of London and it is literally a history of london from the streets of london. So my very agile teacher, Professor Redfern guided our 15+ students around for two and a half hours at a full sprint. People here walk alot faster, Becca (best friend and partner in crime) and I are born strollers we like to move slow and take it all in. Redfern on the other hand takes no prisoners and walks at the speed of Seabiscuit, and does not blink if you almost get hit by a double decker bus ( close call today) or loose sight of him (also happened today) or just miss the train you had to be on (almost happened). He is crazy, but very intelligent and I think I will learn alot...if I can keep up!

This is what I want:

Company Uniform...Check

Big Smile...Check

Flag so I can see you at all times...Check

Little white gloves to show that you mean business, but you are also polite...Check

Take notes Redfern, see you Thursday and I'm bringing my sports bra!

I will hopefully post back on here tomorrow, Becca and I are attempting to get into a bar to see Laura Marling in concert, she is Becca's favorite singer and she is amazing and only preforms here in Europe. We do not have tickets but we are gonna give it our best shot!

Wish us luck!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have finally had a chance to post!!! I am for the most part settled into my Camden apartment. It has been crazy busy these last few days and I have so much to fill you in on! But I just wanted to come on and let you know I am still ALIVE and I will be posting more frequently now that I know my computer will no commit suicide when plugged in, which was a legitimate fear for the past few days!

Tomorrow I head off to Hampstead Heath which is suppose to have awesome views of the city, and then we are going shopping in the Camden Markets!! I will post pictures and share more stories tomorrow!! Thanks for hanging in there!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Springing forward!

I did not need to lose an hour!!!!
It has been the craziest/best/most stressful week ever, I know I know I haven't been on in forever but I faced packing for three months abroad in ONE bag, my computer hard drive crashing which ment loosing all of my music and photos, and bringing my brother home from New Hampshire for his spring break. I know it is no excuse to leave you all hanging but its going to be a bumpy ride until I am situated in London. Hang in there!!! I need all the support I can get!!



Today I head off to Philadelphia, to say goodbye to the boy ( big tear) and leave with my best friend Becca ( You will be hearing alot about our adventures soon!) for London on wednesday!

I will try try try to post again before I depart, I hope you all had a great weekend!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Under the Weather!

Unfortunately and amazing weekend with my sister ended up with her giving me her cold! yay! I am feeling alittle under the weather, hopefully I will be back tomorrow or wednesday to show you the new hair color!
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!
Feeling alittle like this guy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tortoise and the Hair!

I think apologies are in order: I have been so busy these last few days getting ready for London and I have neglected my lovely readers. I would like to thank you for your patients and your comments they mean alot to me! I love reading them, and I love seeing that I have new followers!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!! Well on to more cheerful things!! I am dying my hair on saturday morning!! I am so nervous, I have never dyed my hair before but my hair needs it. I have become Emily and the technicolor dream hair, I am sure you are wondering how I have multi-tonal hair when I have never dyed it well I'll let you in on something, my hair gets very light in the summer with alittle, okay alot of help from sun-in hair spray! So now that I have about 2.5 inches of dark hair and then lighter and then at the end blonde. When I have my hair in a pony tail, I am a brunette from the front and a blonde from the back...awkward. So I am dying it lighter to brighten up before Europe!! I realize that I will get roots but I figure the summer sun will help out and I can dye it again if I want next winter. Good plan? Am I delusional? Well either way, I am really controlling and I plan things out like crazy so I have put some pictures together so my hair dresser has an idea of what I want.

These are the desired colors:

I like K.Ripa's hair because you can tell she colors it but it has alot of highlights so her roots aren't BLAM in yo' face. I hope for this.

I picked this because it is the closest to my summer hair color, I like that it is an all over blonde but again she has sweet highlights in there too!

I like this color of the bottom of her hair, her bangs are alittle to "count the # of hightlights and you win 200 gum balls" sort of game.

My hairdresser is going to have an awesome time with all requests but this is why.


Orange yellow hair...no words, just tears.

Over processed and fried. God I hope this isn't the official London look.

Do you color your hair, have you had any terrible mishaps that would make me want to cancel my appointment!???

Tell me everything and anything you know about dying hair, be nice because I am already having heart palpitations over this!

Thanks again for being such great readers, I will be back Monday to show you the new locks!!!

Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Super Duper busy day

Hello loyal readers, today is a super duper busy day for me, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting last minute things for London. So I am going to leave you with a quote of the day and a picture of my future travels. I'll be back to post about my errands tomorrow!!!

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have a great, and enthusiastic day!!

12 days to Philly, 13 to London!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wardrobe Inspiration Monday!!!

Wardrobe Inspiration Monday is back and better than ever, today I am featuring my favorite housewife Bethenny Frankel! Since the Real Housewives of New York City is starting back up on thursday I thought who is better to inspire us this week than Bethenny! Enjoy!
I love that all of her dresses have structure to them, I really like the shoulders of this dress. It makes me want to buy more things with angles.

I want this dress! I am obsessed with navy blue, and I love that this dress is made of ribbon and is finished off with a bow! I also really like that she finds garments that show their worth in the details, this dress does not smack you in the face but you will defiantly get attention when you walk in a room.
I love this outfit not only because she is holding cupcakes but because this is a dress that does everything for you! It is tight around your ribs and then hangs gracefully on your hips, to hide all the batter you ate. Another great point is that you don't have to wear a ton of jewelry because the dress has it built in!

This is something that I would love to wear! The texture in the skirt is so fun, and lightens the mood of a plain black and white dress. Also that ring is amazing!!

There you have it, the wardrobe of a housewife full of inspiration! See you back here tomorrow!!