Friday, March 26, 2010

Sense of Urgency

Good Morning Everyone!! I realize that it is only 6am for you but I am four hours ahead which gives me a jump start on my blogging. Today is a very important day for Becca and I we are going to the Student Travel Agency here in London to book all of our weekend trips! I am so so excited, but also nervous that we have waited to long and the prices are going to be ridiculous. But either way the trips we want to go on are:

1. We have to choose one of these four:
Athens, Greece

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy

Which should we choose, right now we can only see one because of our finances but have you been to any place that you would suggest??

2. Germany:My mom's college friend is letting us come visit and I could not be more excited!! Germany here we come!
3. Paris France/Versailles/Maybe Cannes??: Becca and I really want to go back to the eiffel tower and gardens of Versaille and then if we have any money left we can go to Cannes in the south of france!

Paris, France

Cannes, France

4. Adventure trip to Wales with school: This trip Becca and I signed up for and it is crazy, we are going to Wales with most of our school and we partake in hiking, cliff jumping (me in a watersuit with a helmet), ocean kayaking, surfing, and biking!! It is going to be so much fun!!

5. Scotland: This is a trip that I was generously invited on with Becca and her family after our semester is over!! I cannot wait

Scotland, UK

Tell me about your travels, any places I should be sure to go??? Happy Weekend!


  1. Ahhhh so J.E.A.L.O.U.S of all this travel! I would vote for you to go to Greece... that's only because I have been to the other three... my second choice for you would be Rome!! There is seriously so so so much to see!!

  2. As a Greek girl I vote Athens! Especially the new Acropolis Museum is awesome!

  3. What a decision to be faced with!!x

  4. Wow they all sound amazing. Totally jealous. You must share what you end up picking!

  5. Very tough decision. I loved a lot of those places for different reasons. Not sure where you've already been...but I think that Barcelona is such an exciting place. Of course Italy and France are just as fun! One thing though...if you love food, you should go to Italy. Venice is beautiful...-carlee

  6. I vote for rome... an amazing city full of amazing people and delicious food!

  7. In Italy~ LUCCA {Tuscany} I keep returning... I love it that much. Great food, fashionable, great people, small enough to be easy and large enough to be interesting.

  8. Rome and Venice are both fantastic. I would recommend over Barcelona, for sure.