Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tortoise and the Hair!

I think apologies are in order: I have been so busy these last few days getting ready for London and I have neglected my lovely readers. I would like to thank you for your patients and your comments they mean alot to me! I love reading them, and I love seeing that I have new followers!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!! Well on to more cheerful things!! I am dying my hair on saturday morning!! I am so nervous, I have never dyed my hair before but my hair needs it. I have become Emily and the technicolor dream hair, I am sure you are wondering how I have multi-tonal hair when I have never dyed it well I'll let you in on something, my hair gets very light in the summer with alittle, okay alot of help from sun-in hair spray! So now that I have about 2.5 inches of dark hair and then lighter and then at the end blonde. When I have my hair in a pony tail, I am a brunette from the front and a blonde from the back...awkward. So I am dying it lighter to brighten up before Europe!! I realize that I will get roots but I figure the summer sun will help out and I can dye it again if I want next winter. Good plan? Am I delusional? Well either way, I am really controlling and I plan things out like crazy so I have put some pictures together so my hair dresser has an idea of what I want.

These are the desired colors:

I like K.Ripa's hair because you can tell she colors it but it has alot of highlights so her roots aren't BLAM in yo' face. I hope for this.

I picked this because it is the closest to my summer hair color, I like that it is an all over blonde but again she has sweet highlights in there too!

I like this color of the bottom of her hair, her bangs are alittle to "count the # of hightlights and you win 200 gum balls" sort of game.

My hairdresser is going to have an awesome time with all requests but this is why.


Orange yellow words, just tears.

Over processed and fried. God I hope this isn't the official London look.

Do you color your hair, have you had any terrible mishaps that would make me want to cancel my appointment!???

Tell me everything and anything you know about dying hair, be nice because I am already having heart palpitations over this!

Thanks again for being such great readers, I will be back Monday to show you the new locks!!!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. I think "processed and fried" is kinnnnd of the London look. When I was there in January I was afraid of some of the girls. And their clothes. Short short short dresses. Boobs everywhere. The ugliest shoes you've ever seen.
    Little Miss Dependable and I both color our hair, we both just started within the past few months, and we've never had any problems. The only problem occurs when you can't get to the salon on time and then you have the roots. Awkwaaard indeed. Best of luck!!
    Post pictures!! We missss you!

  2. Hahaha - just came across your blog and laughed at this post ;) I really hope your hair doesn't turn out like Amy Winehouse's!

    I really like Kelly Ripa's highlights!


  3. When I dyed my hair in London, I got it done bright red. I loved the color, but something about the dye made it run, for ever. Three weeks later I was back in Philly and got stuck in the rain, only to find out that my red hair dye was dripped down my forehead, looking like my scalp was bleeding. Not pretty. I don't know what it was about that dye, but it seriously never stopped running. Bad experience, but awesome color. I'm sure you'll do fine though.

    By the way, did you get my voicemail? I want to see you before you go. What are you doing Tuesday afternoon? Coffee date? Please :)

  4. em i can't wait to see it! hope you're loving it!