Tuesday, March 23, 2010

London meets France

Yesterday was the best day that I have had here so far!! My cousin Mackenzie of Design Darling and her brother and boyfriend came to London to visit! They had just come back from switzerland and had been awake since 4:30am but they rallied and we went out to dinner. It was so nice to see family!! Come back soon!! Mackenzie and I are planning a day trip to Versailles to picnic in the gardens, stay tuned for that post!


Counting down the days, to beautiful Versailles!!

So far in London, I have walked probably the circumference of the globe. Everyone here walks so so so fast, I am usually doing an awkward run walk to keep up with tour guides/professors...not cute. I had my first day of classes and I love every class! I am taking Cross Cultural Relations which is fascinating and then Psychology of Advertising and the Mass Media both are taught by the same professor and she is amazing and sassy. She wore a Chanel suit the first day, diva.

But today was my second day of classes and by far the most tiring, not mentally but physically. The class is the History of London and it is literally a history of london from the streets of london. So my very agile teacher, Professor Redfern guided our 15+ students around for two and a half hours at a full sprint. People here walk alot faster, Becca (best friend and partner in crime) and I are born strollers we like to move slow and take it all in. Redfern on the other hand takes no prisoners and walks at the speed of Seabiscuit, and does not blink if you almost get hit by a double decker bus ( close call today) or loose sight of him (also happened today) or just miss the train you had to be on (almost happened). He is crazy, but very intelligent and I think I will learn alot...if I can keep up!

This is what I want:

Company Uniform...Check

Big Smile...Check

Flag so I can see you at all times...Check

Little white gloves to show that you mean business, but you are also polite...Check

Take notes Redfern, see you Thursday and I'm bringing my sports bra!

I will hopefully post back on here tomorrow, Becca and I are attempting to get into a bar to see Laura Marling in concert, she is Becca's favorite singer and she is amazing and only preforms here in Europe. We do not have tickets but we are gonna give it our best shot!

Wish us luck!!


  1. "Walks at the speed of seabiscuit." Love it.

    I hope you get to see Laura Marling! She's incredible live. Aimee and I saw her play in Philly, which makes your comment about her only playing over there null and void. Just thought you should know :)

    Hope you're having fun! Sounds wonderful so far!


  2. so happy to be a part of your best day yet and can't wait for picnicking in versailles! good luck with the concert!

  3. love these details about your experience!

  4. what a great post! :)

  5. Can't wait to see the picnic photos!

  6. I like your tour guide style. It sounds like you need to introduce Redfern to Tour Guide Barbie!