Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to School....

What happened today.... So the time has come that my big sister Sarah and my younger brother Christopher head back to school after the Christmas break. To an outsider this would seems like a simple task, wrong, it requires a trip to Costco (a wholesale food distributer that my mom swears by to restock our fridges after school breaks) of the most entertaining and terrifying places I have ever been, and here is why. The craziness begins in the parking lot where we are faced with a Nigerian man screaming and pointing at me, mom and Sarah un-doubtable cursing us...perfect. We walk in and are forced to select a cart, but not just any cart these carts look like they are on steroids because they are five times the size of a normal cart. The big beast that we select has one broken wheel that has since been replaced with an empty roll of tape, some sick joke I'm sure. So we shop around and find 283,348 things that "we need" and then head to check out where Sarah and I wrestle our cart into line only to be greeted by the expulsion of toxic gas and potentially feces from the kind guest in front of us...nice. Finally we reach the check out, our register ringer was a big black man that has a special eye on Sarah (big smile, bigger wink) who consequently finds herself sandwiched between carts behind the counter and within inches of her new chocolate best friend...this was endlessly amusing to me, and the perfect ending to a perfect shopping trip. Until next time Costco!!
Days till London:74
Miles from Asian Beau and Heterosexual Life Partner Becca: 310.91 miles
Job Status: On hold until tomorrow

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