Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Foot Forward.

Usually the beginning of the week is kicked off by mumbles and grumbles of those going to work. Lucky or rather unlucky for me, I still don't have a job so Mondays are just another day! In the search to make the hours go by alittle faster I now have a "routine" my mom says its good for me, you are never to old for your mom's advice, right?! So I joined our local gym, to get my muffin top under control, I run alot of errands mostly to the post office (remember my run in with the marble) to mail the things I sell online! I also have taken up cleaning and decorating the house. So in the absence of an income, I have sweat, bruises, and dust! I could not be happier, honestly. So with my new routine I am trying to put my best foot forward and make the most of the day. Which makes me think of feet which incidentally makes me think of shoes :) Here are some pretty and scary shoes that I hope brighten your Monday!

These are from J.Crew's Spring 2010 line, I love them!

OK, I know what your thinking that rain boots are not a go to shoe or even close to glamorous. I beg to differ, I just got a pair of these and now I hope for the rain! They are so easy to walk in and they look really cute!

I really like the shape of these, and they are from Old Navy so you can't been the price!

I really want Tory Burch flats in yellow, but I cannot find them online or in the store. Does anyone know anything about this!!

Before I die I will own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Nothing is sexier than those red soles, at least in my opinion.

Props to the Alexander McQueen model that wore these, and didn't die.

Also Alexander McQueen, I always wonder who would wear these...

Oh right, Lady Gaga.

Well I hope these pictures inspired you or made you laugh alittle! I'll be back here tomorrow to let you know how day 2 of the routine is going!!


  1. The McQueen shoes are just beyond.

    Have you tried ebay for the yellow Revas?

  2. i'm happy you wound up finding the hunters you wanted! i love mine and wear them all the time. and i couldn't agree with you more about the louboutins... at least for our weddings?!