Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mrs. O

Michelle Obama is amazing, she is a strong (physically and mentally), confident, and an amazing dresser. She gets alot of criticisms about possibly putting style over substance, but in my opinion she is a great role model she supports women's rights, organic food, and the economy. But politics aside, it is clear she has become a style icon, gracing the covers and pages of all the best magazines. Yes, I have a girl crush on her but her wardrobe is heart stopping! From her day to day looks to her gowns, I love it all!

Well hello sunshine!

I love this look, I am a big fan of layering and I love that she wears a big belt over it all. She just looks awesome.

I think this neckline is striking! I love this shape dress.

Her arms...make me want to lift weights 24/7
I really like this dress, on me it would completely wash me out, but on her even dark skin it pops. I think she chooses her color wardrobe so carefully, and ultimately she always ends up looking pulled together.

AHH I want this outfit, it fits her so well, it looks comfortable and the plum color is so delicious I can taste it.

This is another outfit that I envy, Michelle was a guest judge on iron chef on the foot network. I love her flower pin, and this color combo is great on her, and it matches Chef Mario Batali's crocs and socks. And of course I left Alton Brown in there because he is flawless.

This glittery, gray, strapless Peter Soronen gown looks amazing on her and it showcases those guns!

Michelle Obama knows exactly how to mesh high fashion and main stream fashion. She has an eye for classic, timeless pieces that she is willing to invest in. You will see her wearing accessories and outfits more than once, which I think is great! No matter what your political views are you can appreciate this wardrobe.


Millionaire Matchmaker is on tonight and that crazy lady from last season is back! YAY!

See you back here tomorrow, ps. my routine is working out really well!


  1. I love that orange and blue outfit and the plum... I've been trying to wear more plum.. thought you should know!