Monday, February 8, 2010

Wardrobe Inspiration Monday!!!

Happy monday everyone! To kick off my first ever “Wardrobe Inspiration Mondays” where every Monday I will showcase a celebrity, designer, or well anyone with style to find inspiration from them for the up coming week! Our first wardrobe belongs to (drum roll please) Zooey Deschanel!!! I think she is exquisite in a really classic way, and her wardrobe is the bomb. I will not waste any more time here is her wardrobe:

This is from her Cotton Inc. campaign, I love navy and with her blue eyes, a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

This is also from that Cotton Inc. ad, I love this outfit because it looks comfortable and it looks like something you could find at many different price points, making it attainable for any budget. Yay!!

Look at her eyes! Blue makes her eyes pop and she knows it work that blue!!

Before we talk about the outfit can we just look at that wall!!! The blue framed in the white and the almost seersucker paper under the chair rail, I want it!!!! The outfit is a cute and casual look that looks like she stepped off the pages of a J.Crew catalogue.

She looks great, there isn't anything special about the dress I really just liked the bike! I'm in the market for a bike and I like this color!

I love this picture, it is so romantic (not just because of the heart) the lighting, her almost weightless dress, it is just breathtaking.

This is alittle look at her red carpet look. She doesn't take it so seriously and I love that, this shifty little outfit is adorable something I need for London night life I think!

Finally, a clip from 500 Days of Summer (great movie, netflix it!). I love high waisted shorts, but my 5'2'' frame always looks alittle silly but these nautical theme shorts are awesome.

I hope you all can find come inspiration for your wardrobe this week!!
See you all back here tomorrow!!

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  1. I agree about this wardrobe.. I think that Zooey does have a truly classic look to her and she dresses for it but what I really think is interesting about her is that she is in my opinion a very natural and wholesome movie star. She seems like some one you would know or be friends with and honestly that makes her more of an appealing actress to me!