Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Four Eyes!

Today, I finally got an appointment at the eye doctor and found out that I am near sighted ( I cannot see far away). This problem became very apparent on my 8 hour drive home from school before Christmas. Now that we have the prescription, we just need the glasses. I have never had glasses and I would love all of your opinions on what to choose, I googled a few celebs in glasses to get me in the spirit of things!!!
Tina Fey: These look nice on her face but I think the frames me be alittle thin?

Chloe Sevigny is one of my favorite stars/designer but these glasses may be alittle too funky. I only have to wear my glasses to drive, watch tv and movies so maybe I could go for something alittle goofier because I won't have them on 24/7.

Benjamin Franklin? Julia Roberts is fabulous but I don't know how I feel about a round frame. What do you think?

With these glasses I could glare at Stephanie Pratt too! LC rocks the square frames which I am a big fan of.

Jennifer Garner, mom on the run. These glasses with no bottom frames are something too think about but they may be an older style. Thoughts?

Well I am off to shop for the perfect frames! Come back here tomorrow and see what I chose, if I am luck enough to find one today!! Fingers crossed!


  1. I could totally see you suiting Chloe's glasses and I love Lauren's, too.

  2. i like lc's... but you already know that because that's kind of what mine look like. i can't wait to see what you find!!!

  3. ummmm a photo of Shannon (aka Little Miss Dependable) is suspiciously missing from your photos of fabulous frames....