Friday, February 26, 2010

Korea before London!

Yesterday, I finally found a copy of Rosetta Stone Korean!!! I'm sure you are wondering why I need this. Well, I was informed by my asian beau that we are having dinner with his parents before I leave for London. There is only one problem, Tom's parents do not speak english very well, Tom is a great translator but in the heat of conversation he usually forgets that I don't speak Korean, and I am left in the dust. So in the hopes that they will see that I am trying as hard as they do, I will try and lock down the necessary phrases to get by. I have started and its a rocky road but I have 3 weeks and I am determined to speak korean to them at dinner! No matter how scared I will be!
All of this talk about Korea and their devastatingly hard language, makes me think about asian inspired rooms. Here are a few that I like:

I realize that these are not rooms, but they are asian inspired day beds! I love little nooks to snuggle up in, and with the wicker material it lets in just enough light to read or nap! I just want to grab my asian and read a book in there with him.

I think this is a great example of an asian inspired bedroom. It has a focus on natural colors and materials, which I love it is so calm and inviting. I also really like that the asian inspiration is no so literal they have a small bonsai and the parchment lights and the simple lines of the furniture!

I liked this dining room because of the asian accessories. I love the wallpaper because it is not in your face but it is simple and it flatters the room. The asian writing on the wall is alittle much but overall it has a subtle asian flavor.

This look might not work for everyone, but I really like the idea of floor pillows. Grated, I would like to have traditional seating in addition to the pillows but I like the way this looks! Do you?

This is how to rock a floor pillow, or atleast how I would. The furniture is low which makes the pillows not that out there and provides another expectable seating alternative. I also love the branches, that are a cool substitute for flowers.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this asian gallery, and wish me luck on learning Korean. Have a great weekend everyone, and I will meet you back here on Monday!

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  1. I wanted a sofa similar to the first two photos. Beautiful.