Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Malaga Bound!

Hello!! We did not have internet yesterday for some reason in my apartment, it was terrible. But I have exciting exciting news, I didn't think I was planning anymore trips but Becca and I found a flight to Malaga, Spain for this weekend for $100.00 round trip!!! My head exploded. I am so excited, here is a little peak at where I will be....
Me and my muffin top are going to be brown as a berry when I get back, temperature today in Malaga 80 degrees. Yummy.

Has anyone been here before or even to Spain, I don't speak spanish will this be a problem??

Tell me all you know!!


  1. all you need to know is NO means NO. and you will be fine. don't forget your pepper spray!! and don't talk to strangers!

  2. gorgeous! the sky and sea look unreal! :)

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